Are baits better or worse than conventional termicide treatment to the soil?

Termite baits are a new technology for termite control. If installed, monitored and maintained correctly, baits can be used as another tool to control termites. Whether or not they work better than liquid treatments to soil, is hard to say. Liquid treatments to soil are used to kill termites quickly and to create a barrier to prevent entry or re-entry into a structure. Liquid termiticides give quicker results, than baits, even when compared with the newer non-repellent termiticides that are available. Baits on the other hand, can take from a few months to 1 or 2 years to control termites. It depends on how long it takes the termites to find the bait stations. Some advantages for bait technology are they can be installed in a short amount of time, its less intrusive, and if you want a limited amount of pesticide applied in or around your home, baits might be your control method of choice.

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