Are Termites Still Active in the Winter Months?

The short answer is YES termites are still active in the winter months!
While most people have the view that termites are only active in summer, unfortunately this is not always the case. Termites do remain active all year round, even during the colder winter months. 
In colder regions and climates, and at certain times of the year, subterranean termites typically migrate deeper into the ground during the cold season to protect themselves with the warmth from the ground that they need to survive.
These termites tend not to cause as much damage because they are below the ground's surface and less active in the infrastructures of our dwellings. However, subterranean worker termites will stay close to their nests during the winter and will remain active (although not quite as active as during the warmer months). 

Will I Find Termites In My House In Winter?

Whilst not as common, finding termites in the winter time inside your home is still possible. If you have subterranean and dry-wood termites that have managed to find shelter and food in the foundations or internal walls of your home, these termites will not be as affected by the winter outdoor temperatures because they have the protection of your house. View the different types of termites found in Brisbane Northern Suburbs here.
In Brisbane and throughout most of Queensland we typically don't get many cold weeks of the year and our winter is short, so termite activity remains a problem all year round and should be taken seriously.

So When Do Termites Appear?

Many people are of the belief  that the prime time for termite season is in summer or when termites are known to appear in swarms.
However, termites that have infested a house, whether that be in winter or summer, can cause damage at any time, regardless of the weather conditions, the time of year, or presence of swarming termites.
Most species of subterranean termites tend to swarm during the spring and summer months. Dry-wood termites typically swarm during the late summer or autumn months.

How Long Is A Typical Termite Season?

A termite season can be endless because termites can be active all year round. There is no real set length of time, or peak time for a termite season.
In colder places, termites are generally less active during the winter than the summer months. However, the warmth and of a home by infesting the internal structure of a home, and consistent temperatures inside a house, can provide enough protection to keep termites comfortable and warm which means that they can remain active at any time.

When is Most Termite Damage Done?

It takes a number of years for a termite colony to fully mature and then it has enough termites to infest houses and cause some major damage. However, if a colony is undetected or uncontrolled, the amount of damage that the colony can cause will increase significantly as it continues to grow its number of worker termites.
Therefore, it is best to try to control any termite infestations before a colony fully matures and protect your premises from major damage.

What Can I Do To Protect My House?

AMAC's trained termite inspectors can inspect your home and identify active or previously active colonies any time of the year. View our termite inspection service areas here.
To ensure that your are protecting one of your most valuable assets - your home, contact AMAC Termites and we will organise for one of our expert termite control inspectors to undertake a full pest control and termite inspection for you to provide you with peace of mind.
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