Australian Timber Standards

There are a number of Australian timber standards that apply to new homes being built. If you are thinking about getting a new home built or in the process, ensure your building company is certified through master builders and that they are up to date with the latest regulations. It’s also a good idea for home owners to know the main Australian Standards for their own general knowledge and safety. 
Timber-framed construction in non-cyclonic areas AS 1684.2-2010
Any dwellings built within Queensland’s non-cyclonic area that use timber frames must comply with the Australian Standard AS 1684.2-2010. Within this standard it outlines the procedures that assist in the correct specification and determination of timber members, bracing and connections. The reason for adhering to timber-framed constructions is to minimise the risk of creating an environment that may adversely affect the ultimate performance of the structure. 
Timber-framed residential construction – cyclonic areas AS 1684.3-2010 
Dwellings built with timber frames in Queensland’s cyclonic regions must comply with the Australian standards AS 1684.3-2010. This standard outlines procedures that assist in the correct specification and determination of timber members, bracing and connections, therefore minimising the risk of creating an environment that may affect the structure. 
Residential slabs and footings AS2870-2011
The AS 2870-2011 specifies specific performance criteria and designs for footing systems of the foundation conditions commonly found within Australia. There is guidance provided on the design of the footing systems, abiding by engineering principles. The footing system construction and design is set out by a classification depending on the house structure either being a dwelling, house, townhouse or similar. 
Termite Management – New Building AS 3660.1-2000
Buildings that are susceptible to termite attacks must be protected with a termite barrier. AS 3660.1-2000 outlines methods of termite management that must be implemented during construction of new building works. The termite management can be used by builders, regulatory authorities, building designers, termite management system manufactures and installers. 
Waterproofing for External above ground use AS 4654-2012
All the requirements for the design and installation of above ground external waterproofing membranes for use in buildings and structures such as; balconies, roofs, landscaped areas, all classes on buildings and planter boxes are set out in the AS 4654-2012. Please note that this section is not applicable to below ground level such as pools and spas. 
Please view Master Builders Timber Standards Australia for more information. 


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