FUN FACT: Termites are Side-Stepping Ants

Ants are major predators of termites but I would not go out and source a colony of ants to get rid of your termites just yet. Termites are able to keep track of the ants location by simply listening to its footsteps and avoiding its path and moving when the ants get too close.

Scientific research has shown that termites have evolved super-soft footsteps and sharp hearing skills to evade their noisy and heavy-footed enemy. This finding will eventually be put towards improving pest control. One possibility is to manipulate the sound of ant footsteps to flush termites out. 

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Until the day it happens - the best way to combat your termite infestation is through latest technology involving safe and secure chemical treatments that are being deployed here at AMAC. We use TermX, Sentricon II and Termidor Termite Pest Control Treatment that have been proven to give you the best results.

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Source: Tiptoeing Termites

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