Sentricon Pest Control North Brisbane

Sentricon termite pest control north brisbane

Sentricon II for Clean, Safe and Proven Termite Treatment and Pest Control

When dealing with termite problems, you want a safe and reliable treatment plan implemented as soon as possible to avoid any major structural damage to one of your biggest assets - you house. Sentricon II offers scientifically proven, measurable elimination of termite colonies. It is clean, safe and easy to use, with little or no preparation required. Sentricon is also environmentally friendly and poses no risks to the health or humans or animals.

Current termite management systems tend to either be a chemical barrier or a baiting system. Sentricon AlwaysActive combines the best of both. Discreet Sentricon stations around the structure effectively form a continuous barrier. The Sentricon stations
contain Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods, making it active immediately upon installation. Termites may begin to be eliminated before they are discovered.

Sentricon AlwaysActive offers the safety of a baiting system and the immediate protection of a chemical barrier.

How the Sentricon system works?

The Sentricon System takes advantage of natural termite behaviour. Worker termites constantly forage far and wide, looking for wood to feed the colony. When they find food, like the monitoring device in a Sentricon Station, they leave special scent trails to summon their nestmates to the food source.

Once your authorized pest control professional discovers termites feeding in the station, the monitoring device is replaced with a Baitube* device containing Recruit* II termite bait.  In doing so, the technician initiates the exclusive Self-Recruitment* procedure that takes advantage of the natural behaviour of termites to spread the bait throughout the colony. The bait contains a substance that stops the molting process so termites can't grow. In time, all the termites in the colony will be affected by the bait and die.


If you would like a scientifically proven, clean, safe and easy to use termite pest control treatment then Sentricon is the termite treatment for you. AMAC Termite Specialists would be more than happy to provide you with advice on the best termite treatment for your specific circumstances.

For Sentricon termite pest control north brisbane or advice and answers to your pest control treatment questions contact AMAC Termite Specialists. We offer the best termite treatment North Brisbane.

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