Annual Termite Inspection or Pest Control Inspection

What Is An Annual Termite and Pest Control Inspection?

An annual termite inspection is an inspection of the building and property including roof void, sub-floor, internal and external timbers, trees and fences within the property boundaries.

It deals with the detection of live termite activity, and evidence of termite damage, and includes details about areas of risk.A termite Inspection gives information which includes:

Peace of mind Pest Control North Brisbane

What is  Peace of Mind Pest Inspection?

Do you think you have termites? Do you just want to make sure that you have your house protected? Or do you want to have your house checked and be more informed about what you need to look for when monitoring your property for termite activity?

If so, then simply give us a call at AMAC Termite Specialists and one of our experienced technicians will visit and do an termite pest control inspection of your property, home, or building and provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are termite free.

Pre-purchase Pest Inspection North Brisbane

What is a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection?

The golden rule is when you buy a home is don’t risk buying a home with termites.

Up to thirty percent of homes in Australia contain active termites or termite damage. Did you know that termites cause more damage in Australia than fire and floods. Our climate lends itself to termites and termite activity so you need to make sure that when you buy a house you are not buying a termite infested property that has major structural damage beneath the surface that you just can't see to the naked eye.

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