Termite Check Self Assessment Made Easy

Hints on how to check if your biggest asset - your home has termites?

At AMAC Termites we are often asked by many of our Brisbane northside clients how they can do a check on their house in between visits to see if they potentially have termites. This month we will try to give you some clues to help you make the initial assessment on whether you have termites or not so that you can make an informed decision about getting in a professional to service your house.

Imagine what you would discover if you could get a good look under your roof, floors, and inside your ceiling and wall panels so that the very foundations to the structure of your house were revealed. Chances are there are plenty of insects and other pests lurking in the structural walls and roof of your home. Some of these are dangerous to youhouse structure and some are not.

Of course it is not possible to rip up roofs and peel back walls, but the good news is that you can look for some tell tale signs of termite infestation which may assist in making that very important move to get a professional in to do a thorough termite inspection for you and treat any lurking termites and pests.

Remember that termite damage is not always obvious at first glance and usually you find out you have termites after they have already caused significant damage which can be very costly to repair. Termites do not like the light, so they tend to eat most of the timber but still leave a very  thin sheet of coverage on the surface as protection from the sun. Read more about termites and termite species.

Some tell tale ways to do an initial termite inspection are:

  • Tap on skirting boards and window frames and sills - if the wood is healthy, it will feel solid and resistant. If not, then it will be softer and possibly dent easily. It may also have lumps and bubbles in it.
  • Look for paint may look like it is lifting away and bubbling. It may also have a thin papery appearance to it.
  • Look for soft patches on the floor when you walk on it.
  • When you look up at walls and ceilings they don't look level or are bulging or dipping .
  • Check for visual signs of a trail of mud paths on exterior walls usually leading to weep holes or crevices that are accessible from the outside.
  • Take a good look in any spaces that you can crawl into and check for mud trails and deterioration of wood.
  • Check if the floor vibrates when you walk on it.
  • Decks are especially susceptible to termite damage so try to get in underneath them to get a good look.
  • Check your garden fences and fence posts as they love to feast on these as well.

What is the solution if I have termites?

There are a range of treatments available to eradicate the pesky termite, and also many ways to protect your home from termite damage and expensive repair bills, if you get in early. If you live on the Northside of Brisbane simply contact AMAC Termite Specialists and we will organise for a full inspection of your home and recommend the treatment that best suits your needs.

AMAC Termite Specialists services all Northside Brisbane suburbs and with this humid and wet weather termites have been found in very high proportions. We therefore suggest that if you live in areas such as Bray Park, Arana Hills, Bald Hills, Eatons Hill, Deagon, Redcliffe, Mitchelton, Bridgeman Downs, Chermside, Boondall, and Everton Park that you are at very high risk of termite infestation so we recommend that you do an initial check of your house or alternatively take the hassle away and call us now at AMAC Termites now to organise a full inspection.

It might just be the best investment you have ever made to protect your largest asset - your house!

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